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Я готов поспорить, что ты моешься голой. Шлюха.
Walking at a slow pace,
I see the people without faces,
They try to hide their empty eyes
Under the masks with pictures of allies.

No one wants to be chastised,
That’s way they run from the sunrise,
In the dark take off the masks…
They drive me away…

Under their masks they hide the void,
Their inner worlds are self-destroyed
There’s emptiness in their eyeholes,
But once there were the sparks of souls…

They try to blind my covered eyes,
Put mask on me with pretty smiles,
They try to bind my broken wings,
But I don’t need it to be free!

But to see their soulless chests,
The clot of dark under their vests,
And emptiness in their insides
I don’t need the eyes!

pace - шаг; длина шага; скорость, темп (at a slow pace - медленным шагом)
ally - друг, союзник, сторонник
to chastise - карать, наказывать; бить
vest - облачение (священства); майка; нижняя рубашка; жилет

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Я готов поспорить, что ты моешься голой. Шлюха.
1.Looking at the sea
Sitting on the shore,
Sometimes I just think,
What do we live for?

How I want to cry,
But my throat is dry,
And my voice is lost!

Whom I should to pray
To be free some day?
How much my wings cost??

Chorus: (Just feel it…)
Feel as you are
Erratic soul of freedom,
And you fly through the dark
To the rays of moon.
Feel as you fly
To the fairy kingdom,
And you thread through the dark…
To the rays of moon…

2.Why is it so dark?
Why is it so cold?
Looking at the stars,
Waiting for dawn’s glow,

How I wish to run
And to meet the sun
On the highest rock!

Where should I go
To release my soul?
How to break this lock??

@темы: Avrip

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